Reward Points On Credit Cards – A Perfect Enjoyment

Credit card companies offer varying benefits and promotions to entice their customers to use their credit cards not only in their everyday purchases but also for major buying decisions. One of the promotions that credit card companies have is the rewarding of points to their users for every purchase that they make.

Credit card holders are often enjoy reward points raining on them. Frequent festive seasons always induce the card holders to enjoy shopping with reward points. Today’s customers are debt-shy and they spend like anything. They enjoy earning reward points while spending. Credit cards are heavily loaded with reward points give the opportunity to enjoy holidays at exotic locales, shop for jewellery, fashion accessories, apparel, electronic equipment, cosmetics, etc. Banks have a penchant for giving a reward with their left hand, and simultaneously charging for it with their right hand. Card holders must be aware of a host of complicated rules and regulations before letting themselves be swayed away by these so-called lucrative offers. To begin with, banks do not conform to a uniform set of reward point schedules. For instance, while in case of American Express Bank, card members receive one point for every Rs 40 charged on their credit card, ABN Amro Bank credits one point to the customer for every Rs 50 spent. Standard Chartered credits one point for every Rs 125, whereas Citibank rewards you one point for every Rs 100 spent. Private sector ICICI Bank awards you one reward point for every Rs 200 charged on their card. Also, ICICI Bank links the reward points to the slabs of amounts spent, i.e. upto Rs 75,000 or above Rs 4,00,000. The main hitch here is that redemption of reward points is only after accumulation of minimum required points of 500.

This apart, banks also follow a pattern wherein they credit varying amounts on every point earned, depending upon the card categories. Citibank rewards cardholders Re 1 for every point earned on the Citibank Platinum Card, while the Diners’ Club International and Citibank Gold cardholders receive only Rs 0.65 for every point gathered. The Citibank Silver cardholders on the other hand get Re 0.50 for every point they manage to accumulate. The difference in redemption structures also creep in, based on the outlets offering you redemption facilities.
Whereas to avail of vouchers, redeemable at Zodiac, Wrangler, Arrow or Titan, you should have accumulated a minimum of 500 points. Being a cardholder, it is mandatory to find out the cash transactions that curtail your eligibility to these programmes. Most banks restrict their customers from treating cash withdrawals, interest charges, card fees, demand drafts, service charge transactions, disputed transactions, purchase of foreign exchange, EMI transactions, travelers cheques and other insurance charges as opportunities to accumulate reward points. The rewards points can also be redeemed online by logging in to the concerned bank’s Web site and visit the “Reward Points” section on the credit card page. To web-enable the credit card, fill up the account linking form available on the site. Select the rewards catalogue for the card and accordingly, choose the products or vouchers for which an online order has to be placed. The product or the voucher is then delivered at doorstep.

Card-issuing banks offer cardholders the facility to seek an annual fee waiver, by adjusting the amount against the reward points. One also should check on the available timeframe within which cardholders need to redeem their points. Cardholders cannot exercise redemption rights on expired or delinquent cards. A frequent traveler credit card rewards system for example, a card user who purchases groceries, gas or technically his daily purchases, may have an equal travel reward points awarded to him for every dollar he spends on his regular purchases. On the other hand, should he ever buy plane tickets from an airline company co-sponsoring the credit card he’s using, the reward points that he may earn may be higher as this is also one way to help promote the airline company’s latest promotions or travel packages.

Marketing With Table Tents

They are quite popular nowadays with business owners and marketers alike. They are those marketing tools that you see in burger stands, snack bars, restaurants, and even inside hotel rooms. They are those print ads that service-oriented companies use to promote their business.

I’m talking about table tent printing or simply, table tent cards. Those 2.8 x 11 cards that you see standing mostly on top of the counter and side tables in any hotel rooms.

Table tent printing or table tend cards provide you with the opportunity to be competitive in your market. It is a marketing campaign that helps you put a spotlight on your business and what you offer to your target clients. If you have any service or product to promote, table tent cards can surely help you in that department.

Table tent printing is also not that expensive. The cost of producing these cards is generally cost effective that any business, small or otherwise, will be able to get them without difficulty. You don’t have to deplete your budget just so you can advertise your business. Having table tents can get you the extra exposure you need to be remembered and recognized by your target clients.

They can be printed in full, brilliant colors without any fuss. Many print companies will be able to provide you with quick turnarounds as they are very easy to produce. All you have to do is to indicate whether you want your ad printed on one side only or on both sides. One printing company even offers cost effective printing on both sides by reversing or re-locking.

You can choose from three paper stock options and sizes, with die cut using an L-lock system that can make your tent cards stand on their own.

Most businesses use these table tent cards to offer their products and services in restaurants, bars and nightclubs, and even travel agencies. They are perfect for displaying information and details especially during conferences and seminars, as well as on trade show exhibits.

Table tents are simply the most cost effective way of advertising any business. So use table tents to advertise pay per view movies or room service if you’re in the hotel business; or unique dishes and special menus when you have a restaurant. If you’re a travel agency, table tent printing is one great way to advertise your facility and different site attractions.

Five Bridal Shower Ideas For “once Again” And Older Brides

With the American divorce rateholding steady at about 50%, it’s a safe bet that a lot of today’s and tomorrow’s brides are hopping on the marriage-go-round for the second or maybe even third time. Statistics also show that the average age of the first-time bride is around 27 or 28. Many women are waiting even longer-until their 30’s and 40’s-to take their first plunge. Of course, these new dynamics have created a blip the bridal shower business.

Women in their late twenties, thirties, forties and beyond are usually established, with a houseful of furniture, appliances small and large, and all they need to live their lives on a day-to-day basis. When these women marry, more often than not, two households merge and purge. Fortunately, registries help guests with wedding gifts, and they even help with bridal shower gifts.

Yes, first-time brides, no matter how old they are, deserve a bridal shower. In a break with tradition, showers are now being given for the second-time bride, especially if she eloped or didn’t have one before her first wedding.

So let’s talk about bridal showers for older and “once again” brides. We’ll pass on the lingerie shower, since these brides are probably way past the wowie-wow-wow wedding night. Here are five shower themes these brides might appreciate:

– Beginnin’ With Linen-Not only can you never have enough linens, wouldn’t it be nice for the newlyweds to start their lives together with all fresh linen? Sounds like a pajama party! She’ll love getting plush towel sets, satin sheets, elegant tablecloths and napkins, dishcloths, even blankets!

– Raising the Bar-Entertaining is a whole new ballgame for the happy couple. Make the shower a wine and cheese tasting and stock their bar with martini glasses, margarita glasses, champagne flutes, wine glasses, coasters, bar accessories and premium liquors and wines.

– Marriage is a Trip-Perfect for the pair that loves to travel. Think “passport” invitations and travel poster decorations! Gifts? How about some matching luggage, for starters? They’ll also need matching luggage tags, personalized travel tote bags, travel toiletry cases and a portable CD player.

– Holidaze-Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas! Every holiday has its own special needs-serving platters for Thanksgiving, ornaments and other decorations for Christmas, a red-white-and-blue apron and tablecloth for the Fourth of July barbecue. And you can make the shower a special, one-day holiday with personalized decorations that feature photos of the happy couple.

– Gourmet Soiree-The spread for a gourmet shower is just as important as the gifts. Serve exotic, tantalizing appetizers and dishes, and invite the guests to bring gifts of gourmet food for the bride. Aged steaks, lobster, imported chocolates, nuts, coffee, cheeses, fruits, decadent desserts and cookbooks are just a few gift suggestions. And you’ll be recognized as a host with outstanding taste!

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Explore Scenic Beauty Of Thailand Costal On A Ferry From Phuket

Thai holidays have gone quite popular around the globe as they offer a perfect blend of adventure, scenic beauty and relaxation. The neighboring provinces of Thailand have become a perfect destination for the travel and tourism industry as it is away from the hustle bustle of city traffic and offer beautiful landscape, calm and quiet shores, white water and underwater adventure. The best way to explore this quite and relaxing side of Thailand is by boarding a ferry from Phuket.

The southern province of Thailand, Phuket is a centered island, connected to other neighboring provinces, including Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, Phang Nga and Krabi. Phuket situated in the center has an independent Phuket Airport that plays a crucial role in connecting with the rest of the world. There are several types of Phuket ferries available, ready to take the tourist from Phuket to different islands on the coast of Thailand. Beautiful beaches and breathtaking weather look best on the breezy open ferries. It is best to book these ferries in advance online as the peak season can make you wait to go on board. Daily ferries run just twice in 24 hours, mostly morning and afternoon, so the best way is to schedule flight time and accommodation accordingly. On an average, a ferry ride to any of these destinations will cost between 120 to 200 baht.

Those, who is visiting this side of Thailand for the first time, can enjoy Island hopping, snorkels, and tasting best Thai and seafood cuisines. Try the fun and relaxation at the same time on one of the ferries from Phuket. Opt from the water bus ferry or more popularly called water taxi that takes halting, as it is also a public transport of small waterside cities and neighboring islands. Bigger ferry services can also carry vehicles if somebody wishes to take a standby scooter for exploring the road drive. The slower moving ferries are certainly the best option as it provides the opportunity to explore and spot unique and rare aqua marine creatures, such as sea moths, sea horse, frog fish and many more.

Ferry services between Phuket and Phi Phi Island

Phuket to Phi Phi ferries are a short ride and take no time to reach. Most of the tourist takes a ferry from Phuket to see Rasada Pier and Maya Bay around Phi Phi Ley. The pier for boarding a ferry is 30 min away from the Phuket Airport, and it takes hardly 2 hours for the whole trip of Phuket Phi Phi. Phuket is the best place for the travelers to visit and stay as they can explore the beaches on Phuket island, and take a short ferry ride to travel to Phi Phi Island.

Phuket ferries to Krabi and Lanta Island

Krabi and Lanta Island are beautiful abstractions, not far away from Phi Phi Islands. The ferries will take you to Koh Lanta Island that is a pure Thailand beauty, hidden within the Andaman Sea. The mesmerizing coastal line, with camel back mountains is an untouched heaven on earth. The lofty beaches and underwater activities, when explored on ferries, attract tourist to visit Koh Lanta again and again. These cheap ferries from Phuket to any of the above destinations can be easily booked online. The ride from Koh Lanta to Krabi gateway is now easy and accessible with these inexpensive ferries.

Exploring these gateways from Phuket is possible with regular services of ferries between Phuket, Phi Phi, Krabi Koh Lanta and many more. These ferries are certainly the best, cheap and recommended mode of transport that has promoted travel and tourism to the natural, and mesmerizing neighboring provinces of Thailand. Experience the coastal paradise on a ferry from Phuket!

Points To Consider When Planning A Trip

It would be smart to heed info mentioned here before hopping on a place or ship to travel.

Be organized so there are no problems when it is time to whip out your travel info and start by making duplicate copies and using a lightweight plastic envelope to keep them in. This will be very easy to find in your carry bag, and you can easily flip through to find your itinerary, the address of the hotel you’re going to, or the phone number of the person you?re supposed to hook up with.

Wallet or purse contents must be photocopied twice. Store a set somewhere safe inside the luggage and leave the second copy at home. This doesn’t apply to cash, however.

Have your personal papers arranged. This assures you that in the event you do not return your family will be taken care of via the insurance you left or the keys to safe deposit boxes you gave them. Have coins handy at all times. A used film canister works very well for this purpose. You might find yourself making a call through a payphone or catching a train or bus.

With a griddle campers can cook with less of the fuss so take one with you. A portable device cooking with it is a snap whether it is bacon or some sandwiches or a few hotdogs or whatever. Portable propane stoves are no longer the rage so ditch it or simply head out to the nearest fast-food joint to eat.

It is important to know something about the travel destination so research a little. Concentrate on transportation and road network info instead of the popular tourist spots. Try and talk to some of the locals, or you can go online for additional information about dress standards, and off the track places to visit. Disney World might be a better travel option if the locals according to your research revealed a less than warm personality.

A trip requiring you to take along several special clothing or gear will be easier to handle if you store such items in duffel bags. One bag for instance might include ski sweaters along with gloves and hats plus some goggles or thermals and socks. Dresses that are near floor length should be paired with something underneath specifically some bike shorts with pockets. You avoid losing your papers and passport by storing them in the large pockets.

Some Velcro will hold the pockets together as for other personal articles they have to be stowed away from the way of harm. Camisoles and slips can also have pockets added which is perfect for traveling women. The Harley Roundup in Michigan is an example of a vacation event a male traveler can do without if they want to avoid problems.